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Meet our Alyx Trainees

At Alyx, we are so proud of our Alyx Trainees who work incredibly hard, learning coding skills within our Alyx Program. They learn how to code in our 4 month Bootcamp before they join one of our Alyx partner companies for their traineeship. Get to know them!


Alyx PHP Full Stack Trainee

Freke studied all round styling - specifically focusing on graphic design, and is now one of our Alyx Trainees learning PHP full stack development.

Freke has also scored her place at one of our partner companies True B.V, and will be starting with them in February 2023. Her attention to detail in all of her work allows her to solve any problems she faces quickly and efficiently, and always ensures her work is to the highest standard.


  • PHP Full Stack
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Symphony PHP Backend Framework
"Because of the gateway Alyx provides, I can turn my passion for tech into a career"


Alyx Java Full Stack Trainee

Melissa studied international communications and is now one of our Alyx trainees learning Java full stack development.

We love Melissa’s dedication and drive to learn and grow. She is always up for a challenge and her willingness to develop her skills is something that we really value and we love seeing her flourish here at Alyx.


  • Java Full Stack
  • Basic Front End Development
  • Spring Boot API Back End Development
"The future is women in tech"

Hire female talent. Switch onto Alyx.

Whether you are looking for a complete development team for your project or need individual developers to complement your own team; you’re only one click away from hiring the best tech talent.


Alyx IT Infrastructure Trainee

Aditi has a background in organisational psychology, but is now one of our Alyx IT Infrastructure Trainees learning all about servers, databases, public cloud, and more.

Her progress has been phenomenal since starting with us and she shows an eagerness to learn and is willing to reach out for help when needed. We know that she will flourish in her role at ilionx healthcare when she starts with them next year!


  • IT Infrastructure
  • Azure Fundamentals
  • Docker/Kubernetes
  • Databases Fundamentals
"To all the women who think getting into tech is impossible, Alyx is here to change your mind. Alyx taught me about tech and developing my soft skills to have a successful career. No one can do it better than them."


Alyx Java Full Stack Trainee

Andrea has a background in psychology and general management but is now one of our tech talents learning Java full stack development within our Alyx Traineeship.

Andrea shows us extreme versatility. Any task Andrea is given, is done to the highest standard, and completed in an efficient detailed manner. She is always willing to help others, and is always up for developing her skills to the next level.


  • Java Full Stack Development
  • Basic Front End Development
  • Spring Boot API Back End Development
"The tech industry needs more role models to encourage more women to pursue a career in tech. Alyx helps create a path for women to achieve this."