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Championing female value
in the tech industry:
We re-train women in tech!

  • Get paid to learn how to code
  • Safe learning environment
  • Guaranteed job placement

New in tech? We got you.

In our 12-month Alyx Program, we create a safe and empowering learning environment in which women learn how to code and get trained in professional skills and soft skills by senior women in tech. And all of that is PAID from the start on and a job placement is guaranteed!

We offer three different tracks in our Alyx Program:

  • Blueriq Engineer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • IT Infrastructure Professional

The Alyx Program

We start a new Alyx Program every two months.

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In Groningen or Utrecht

Tech Skills
Learn about your new profession and acquire relevant and impactful tech skills according to your tech profile. We offer curriculums for:

  • Blueriq Engineer
  • Full Stack Development
  • IT Infrastructure

Professional & Life Skills
Agile Scrum / Project Management / Testing / GIT / Design Thinking / Career Strategy / Conflict Management / Parenthood


In Groningen or Utrecht

Gain Work Experience at Partner Company
During the Traineeship, you will work four and a half days a week for your partner company. Together with another Alyx Talent and alongside our tech coaches, you become part of their tech teams and get the opportunity to improve on your skills.

Keep on Learning
Four hours a week is dedicated to your professional development. You will return to our Alyx Office and our coaches will ongoingly train you in tech, professional and soft skills.

Job Placement

Start your career in tech!

Start Working as Junior Developer
You are ready for the tech world! After one year of learning and gaining work experience, you are offered a job as junior developer in the partner company that you have been assigned to in the Traineeship.

The Alyx Community
After leaving the Alyx Program, you will stay part of our family. We will keep you updated on what's happening in Alyx, and how your fellow Alyx Talents are doing. We will also invite you to our Alyx Community events.

The Application Process

  1. Apply to the Alyx Program
  2. Join our Assessment Day
  3. Be Selected as Tech Talent
  • Get competitive salary from the start
  • 13% monthly pay gap bonus
  • Guaranteed job placement

Apply for the Alyx Program today!

Hire tech talent. Switch on to Alyx.

Whether you are looking for a complete development team for your project or need individual developers to complement your own team; you’re only 30 minutes away from hiring the best tech talent.

Championing diversity in the industry with

"Technology shapes our reality. We want women to co-create that reality as they represent the end-user."

The oracle

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General Questions

Every two months we start a new program.

How to apply

We are looking for women with a passion for tech but a technical background is NO MUST to get started with our Alyx Program. We look for affinity for tech and this is as simple as being good in learning a language, so already being bilingual is great starting point. If you already did some coding in the past - great - our program is for all levels of experience.

Lots of fun. We will give you an assignment and watch you do it. We do not assess your technical skills but rather your approach, way of thinking and ability to learn.


The Alyx Program

A Full Stack Developer is a woman that knows front end and back end development. Front end revolves around web development and the visual elements that a user will interact with on a website or app. Back end development focuses on what the user won’t see, the software behind it. Learn how to develop the user interface of a website through the use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Angular, and UX/UI Design. And learn how software works in the back on the server side through using Java, C# or PHP.

An IT Infrastructure Professional is a woman that knows about servers, networks, databases, and cloud engineering. Like all computer applications, PHP and Java must run on a server (like Microsoft, Linux). In the IT Infrastructure Bootcamp, you learn how to set up and configure those servers and ensure that they end up working effectively and efficiently when any network routes are created. You also learn about cloud engineering. Clouds are vital for having an externally managed server environment, serving web applications and websites. External database storage gathers all information and helps everything run smoothly.

A BLUERIQ Business Engineer is someone who learns how to analyze and model a business problem. You start with design thinking and the basics of programming. Then you jump into object-oriented concepts, entities and data modelling. You learn everything about working in self-organising Agile teams and communication with customers.

We have three office days and two work from home days. You are expected to join us at our Alyx HQ on the office days.

Yes. Our talents receive a monthly 13% pay gap bonus which is put into our Alyx Fund. The fund is made available to our talents for ongoing education and training once she leaves Alyx to work for your partner company.